Getting Started

When you arrive, our staff will ask the host for a credit card create a tab and hold the room. If members of your party are paying the individual rate, we’ll ask them to open a tab as well. We finalize charges at the end of your party and having tabs open from the start allows us to provide a smooth and speedy check out, especially if you have a large party. After the initial check in, we’ll get you settled in your suite and your server will introduce our karaoke amenities and take any food or drink orders you may have.

Suite Charges

Payment for suite time takes place at the end of your party. In the unlikely event that your party ends early, we will charge you only for the time you use. In the likely event that your party is going strong, you may extend the good times unless there is another party booked after yours.

As the organizer of the party, you may choose to take advantage of our group rate or have each guest pay the individual rate. The group rate could mean a savings of up to 50% on your suite rental when compared with the individual rate. Please note that the group rate can be split on a maximum of three methods of payment. With the exception of the Premier Suites, you may choose the individual rate if you’d prefer each guest pay his or her own way.


Voicebox welcomes minors (guests under 21) until 9 PM on Tuesdays-Thursdays. On Fridays-Sundays, minors are welcome until 7PM. Due to OLCC regulations, if your party includes minors, there can be no alcoholic beverages in your suite. Anyone over 21 is welcome to enjoy an adult beverage in our lounge.

Outside Beverages

The OLCC is very strict with the terms of our liquor license. Bringing outside beverages jeopardizes Voicebox’s very existence. Please respect our policy by informing your guests not to bring any outside drinks, including bottles of water, soda, coffee, flasks, etc. Any party bringing outside alcohol will be asked to leave.

There is one exception. If you bring an unopened bottle of wine (750ml) or saké (720ml), we’ll gladly cork it for you. The corkage fee is $12 per bottle, maximum of 6 bottles.

Cancellation Policy

During the reservation process, we took your credit card number. This is for our 24 hour cancellation policy. Voicebox staff doesn’t have access to that card number the night of the party. Please let us know within 24 hours of your party if you have to cancel. If you don’t call and don’t show, we may charge a $50 cancellation fee to your card. Nobody wants that, so just give us a call if your plans change.

Outside Food

Cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other “celebratory” foods are welcome at Voicebox, so feel free to bring in something sweet for your special occasion. Upon request, Voicebox is pleased to provide cake service and offers a complete package for $10 including  plates, forks, napkins, candles and cake cutting.

No other outside food is allowed.

Decorating Your Suite

Feel free to decorate your suite with posters or balloons. We do ask that you don’t bring in confetti, glitter, feather boas or silly string, as they can become a permanent part of the box. Also, per OLCC regulations, the window on the door cannot be covered. Let us know if you need some extra time at the beginning of your reservation to decorate, and we may be able to accommodate you.


We recommend wearing comfortable shoes, as random acts of dancing and showmanship may occur. Please keep shoes on at all times at Voicebox.

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